Monday, July 19, 2021

15 Surreal Landscapes Made from Food

Artist and photographer Carl Warner began his career in landscape and still photography, working many years in the advertising industry. Seeking new inspiration and direction one day, he happened upon a market with Portobello mushrooms that reminded him of trees from an alien world. This would become his first foodscape and the start of a new and exciting direction in his career.

Warner’s foodscapes have garnered international media attention and the series has led to books, interviews and merchandising. The foodscapes success has also allowed Warner to pursue a number of artistic and personal projects (i.e., the Bodyscapes series featured previously).

You can find the complete collection (79 and counting) over on Carl’s official website: I’ve also included a few behind the scenes photos of select landscapes so you can appreciate the detail and work that goes into each work of art before shooting even begins! Not to mention the post-production work that goes into every shot to give each unique landscape that surreal, fantasy-like feeling.


2. The Great Wall of Pineapple

3. Cucumber Bridge

4. Candy Cottage

5. Yellow Oasis

6. Cheese Volcano

7. Chocolate Express

8. Lettuce Seascape

9. Celery Island

10. Cheesescape

11. Meat Factory

12. Salmon Sea

13. Stilton Cottage

14. Amazon Kayak

15. Bread Village


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