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August 2016
- Six Short Stories
- Why Men And Women Think About Life So Differently?
- China: Language Barrier... 
- What A Nice Story! - Must Read!
- How Do You Manage To Control Your Temper?

September 2016
- Golden Words By A Wise Man
- Beautiful Book
- The Best Joke Of The Year
- The Monkey Trap - The Cause Of Suffer
- Test Your Brain 1 
- Heart Warming Image - Picture Of The Week
- Laughs 
- Philosophy Of 70%

October 2016
- Will You Live To Be 80?
- Tenderness
- Just Wanted To Say Thank You
- Bridge
- Very Wise Man
- Never Miss The First Opportunity

November 2016
- Edna's Letter To GOD Wow!
- A Child's Wish
- Golden Words - Must Read

December 2016
- Christmas At The Gas Station
- Donald's Christmas Gift To America

Year 2017
January 2017
- Happy New Year 2017 - Here Are My Wishes For You...
- Repair All The Leaks
- For Laugh!

February 2017
- Beautiful Story: Kindness  
- From One Friend To Another - Andy Rooney

March 2017
- 65 Year Old Mom
- Masterpiece Comedy
- This One Made A Lot Of Sense To Me
- How Is It?

April 2017
- Rules For Happy Life
- 8 Pressure Points That Reduce Stress
- The 5 Things You Don't Owe Anyone
- Beautiful Birds - Beautiful Words

May 2017
- Well Worth The Effort! (Good Advice!)
- A Lovely Message...
- Daughter's Text To Dad
- The Polish Divorce

June 2017
- Hold The Door Open
- Getting Into Big Trouble
- Money Has Different Names
- Don't Wait For The Parrot To Die
- Great Invention For Seniors

July 2017
- Type Of Ladies
- Never Argue With Women While Shopping
- They Have Bought A Casual Bus And Turned It Into A Perfect Family Camper
- Missing Wife Report 

August 2017
- Modern Marriage
- Life After Death - Ha Ha Ha...
- Did You Know? 
- Technology Has Developed So Much!!!
- Poetic Fight Between Wife And Husband
- A Lovely Story With A Moral

September 2017
- Something To Read- What Is Life?
- Joke: Praying Woman
- Short Prayers To Bring You Peace
- On The Journey...
- The Journey Is So Short

October 2017
- A Letter From A Father
- Vivacious Flowers With Exotic Beauty
- What Is The Meaning Of Life?

November 2017
- An Inspiring Story

December 2017
- Life Is An Echo
- Husband's Call!
- A Christmas Story... Priceless!!
- New Morning Yoga...Vanna Try
- Never Forget Your Past!

Year 2018
January 2018
- If The Titanic Sank In 2017
- Hug A Soldier - They Are Why You Are Free, America 
- A Nice One!
- Today's Jokes

February 2018
- It's A Funny Story
- The Wisdom Of Charles Schulz
- Beautiful And Inspirational Quotes! 

March 2018
- The Way Out Of Basra - Author: Nguyen Thi Tha An - Translator: Lê Hoàng Ân
- "IF..." - Lê Hoàng Ân
- The 80 Year Old Fisherman
- School Jokes

April 2018
- Plum Trees Blooming In Japan!
- Father And Son Chat 
- Eye Test 
- Dilemma
- The USA President...

May 2018
- 7 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Shoes At The Door
- Amazing Photos 
- Send It To My Brother -In -Law
- Tulips Of Netherlands

June 2018
- Ordering A Pizza... Laugh Out Loud
- Humour! 

July 2018
- My Last Job Interview...
- Difference Between Love And Like
- Revenge Parking 
- 11 People... On A Rope 

August 2018
- Crying For Mother-In-Law...
- A Young Woman Brought Her Fiancé Home
- Are You A Vet? 
- Why? 

September 2018
- This Is A Special Note About Hugging
- A Good Story
- The World's Most Dangerous Bridges Will Take Your Breath Away

October 2018
- How To De-Stress
- Why Worry?

November 2018
- Senior Clubs 
- What Is The Difference Between Wife And Girlfriend?

December 2018
- Heavenly Line Up
- Very Important Lessons For All Ages

Year 2019
January 2019
- A Smile To You
- Peaceful!
- Father

February 2019 
- Cheat Or No Cheat 
- Funny How Some Photos Come Out
- Mensa

March 2019
- A Heartwarming Lawyer Story
- Divorced Barbie 
- Top Secret

May 2019
- 7 Ways To Reduce Stress And Keep Blood Pressure Down
- Phenomenal Two Letter Word 

June 2019
- Mohammed's First Day Of School 
- Amazing WD-40 (Good To Know)

July 2019
- A Whiskey Test   

August 2019 
- Three Scenarios 
- The "F" Word 

September 2019 
- Something To Think About 
- One- And- A- Half Minute Law 

October 2019
- Fainted In Bathroom 
- Better Not Taking Uber At All  

November 2019 
- 24 Of The World's  Strangest Buildings 
- Car Keys  

December 2019 
- Don't Try to Control! 
- Sorry!! 

Year 2020 
January 2020 
8 Things To Quit In 2020 
- How To Protect Yourself And Others From Coronavirus 

February 2020  
- What Wuhan Stands For?

March 2020 
- Funniest Family Moment 
- Just Wanna Share This With You And Your Family 
- Everything You Need To Know About Coronavirus Vaccines 
- Distinguishing Between Coronavirus And Flu 
- Miracles Do Happen Hihiii... 

April 2020 
- Choice Is Yours 
- Humour: Corona Pandemic 
- Beautiful Mathematics! 

May 2020 
- Corona: We Have To Keep Our Humour 
- Avoid Men, Follow Women 

June 2020 
- Early Senior Shopping 
- COVID-19  Humour 
- Very Interesting: Did You Know? 
- I Knew It! I Knew It! 

July 2020 
- A Bit of Humour 
- Logos And 10 Things You Might Not Know - It's Fun! 

August 2020 
- Covid Air's Newest Airplanes 
- Warning: D'ont Complain About Your Wife's Cooking 
- When Grandma Decided To Unfriend Someone 

September 2020 

October 2020 

November 2020 

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January 2021

February 2021 

March 2021 

April 2021 
- Test 

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September 2021 
- Humour 

October 2021 

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December 2021
- Spine 

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January 2022

February 2022 

March 2022 

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- Useful Lesson  

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- Humour 

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- Humour 

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- Joke 

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- Humour 

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- Joke 

May 2024 


  1. Trẻ con hon khong(Better late than never)! Do la tam trang cua Minh khi tinh co duoc biet den " Nguoi Phuong Nam".
    Rat than phuc va cam men NPN voi tat tam va tri cua Minh.

    Cau xin cho NPN duoc tran day Hong An Thien Chua.

  2. hương cau cao tânJanuary 10, 2022 at 12:14 AM

    1.1 Áo Lụa Bàng Bá Lân

    Ngừng viết, nhìn lên: Mắt rạng ngời
    Lắng nghe nhè nhẹ bước chân ai.
    Đôi tà áo lụa bay trong nắng
    Tha-thướt mình tơ lướt cửa ngoài.

    Em đẹp làm sao! Vóc dáng thon,
    Đôi vai thuôn mịn, cánh tay tròn.
    Lưng mềm não-nuột đường tơ óng,
    Uyển-chuyển ngồi, đi, dáng trẻ son.

    Ai dệt nên tơ lụa nõn-nà,
    Nhẹ-nhàng, êm dịu, mát như da.
    Ai khâu chiếc áo vừa xinh quá
    Phô hết đường cong vóc ngọc-ngà.

    Ta nhớ chiều kia dưới nắng trăng
    Cúi dâng tà áo nhẹ tay cầm
    Mơ-màng ngỡ nắm tơ trăng biếc,
    Áo lụa ngời trăng đẹp mỹ-nhân.

    Áo lụa còn đây, người ở đâu?
    Buồn thương vuốt lại nếp tơ nhầu.
    Chút thừa hương phấn còn lưu-luyến,
    Gợi mãi tình xưa để nhớ nhau!

    Tìm mãi trong tơ vóc dáng thon
    Đôi tay thuôn mịn, cánh tay tròn
    Lưng mềm não nuột đường tơ óng...
    Ngắn-ngủi duyên hờ... vạt áo con!

    1.1 A Silk Dress by Bàng Bá Lân

    Translated into English by Hương Cau CaoTân

    I pause in my writing and look up: A pair of eyes is brightly shining
    I listen to the soft steps of someone who is stealthily walking.
    The two flaps of the silk dress in the sunshine are they flying
    How willowy it is, your silk-covered body, at the front door in passing.

    How beautiful you are! With a daintily slender figure,
    With your round forearms, and soft tapering shoulders.
    Your soft back lined with melancholic strands of shining silky hair,
    You sit and move with a lithe gait, your figure is so young and fair.

    Who has weaved the silk that is so white and soft as such,
    That is light and fragile and as cool as your skin to the touch.
    And who has tailored the dress so fit for the beauty to cover
    Yet it shows all the pretty curves of your ivory figure.

    I remember that evening under the moonlight in shining
    Bending down to lift the dress flap and in my hand lightly holding
    Dreaming that I was holding the moon’s silky cords so shiny,
    Silk dress was reflecting the moonlight beautifying the beauty.

    The silk dress is still here, where could my old beauty be?
    I am feeling sorrowful and lovingly stroking the silky creases,
    Smelling the residue fragrant powder seemingly still linger
    Recalling our old love so we would always remember each other!

    I search again and again in the silk for your daintily slender figure
    With your round forearms and soft tapering shoulders.
    Your soft back lined with melancholic strands of shining silky hair …
    But I can only feel the temporal love … only the little flap is there!