Monday, February 3, 2014

Pictures Say A Thousand Words

How about them….!!!???
Still complain of discomforts despite working in an office with all modern comforts…!!!???

How about her…!!!??? 

Do you still complain of hunger..!!!???

How about her…!!!???

Tired of sleeping in your cozy bed!!!???

How about her…!!!???

Tired of walking on your feet!!!??? 

How about him…!!!???

Still don’t appreciate the love and care you get from parents & friends!!!???

How about her…!!!???

Comforts make you sleep while studying!!!???

How about them…!!!???

A luxurious bath…& still complain about life!!!??? 

How about them…!!!??? 

Do you still worry that your hands will get hurt washing your own dishes!!!???

How about her little hands!!!???

Louis Vitton not enough!!!??? More brands..!!!????

How about him...!!!???

Tired of pleasuring yourself from playing games!!!???

How about him…!!!???

And nothing else to do!!!???

How about them…!!???

Always remember this:
When you complain about your life, there are people out there struggling to be “you”.

Also, while you complain about the little wrongs of your food, there are people out there starving for a scrap of food.
Therefore, find happiness in who you are, appreciate what you have and try to bring happiness to at least one person who is struggling in life and give them a helping hand at your potential.

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