Thursday, April 22, 2021

We Have All Got To Die...


One of my friends has just sent me this so now I know what to do - - - I will follow the advice in the last line. 

My Mother always said this old saying “Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die…….. This is why….. 

Eat whatever you like because you will still die; don't allow motivational speakers to deceive you. 

1. The inventor of the treadmill had died at the age of 54.

2. The inventor of gymnastics died at the age of 57.

3. The world bodybuilding champion died at the age of 41.

4. The best footballer in the world, Maradona, died at the age of 60.


5. The KFC inventor died at 94.

6. Inventor of Nutella brand died at the age of 88.

7. Imagine, cigarette maker Winston died at the age of 102.

8. The inventor of opium died at the age of 116 in an earthquake.

9. Hennessey inventor died at 98. 

How did doctors come to the conclusion that exercise prolongs life?

The rabbit is always jumping up and down, but it only lives for 2 years, and the turtle that doesn’t exercise at all lives for 400 years.

So, take some rest, chill, stay cool, eat, drink and enjoy your life. You will still die one day ....

Author Unknown

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