Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Pet Fish


A man decides he wants to fish.

Unfortunately, his favorite spot became illegal to fish in. Undeterred, he fishes for 2 hours, and at this point, he already has a bucket full of fish and he’s still fishing.

Out of nowhere a cop comes in and tells him: "You know you can’t fish here, right? 

It’s illegal, I’m gonna have to arrest you.”

The man hides the pole and replies: “Oh no no those are my pet fish. I just come here every week or so drop them in the pond, and once they are done swimming they jump back in and I go home.” 

At this point the officer smirks, he knows he’s lying, so he says: "Well then show me, if you can truly show me that they will do that then I’ll let you go.”

The man agrees and dumps the fish into the pond, A few minutes pass... 

“So when are the fish jumping back in the bucket?” Asks the officer smugly.

 “What fish?" says the man.

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