Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chó Đi Hai Chân Như Người - The Dog That Takes Itself For Walkies.

This is a dog who treats the streets of China like a catwalk, strutting around on her hind legs wearing colourful clothing for up to an hour at a time.

Xiaoniu has become a regular sight in Shanghai, as she follows her owner, sixty-two-year-old Mr Fang, to the food market every day.
He dresses her in coats, tutus and even geisha outfits, along with accessories such as hats, masks and sunglasses. 

Xiaoniu had been abandoned when Mr Fang found her three years ago.
He said: 'Xiaoniu was smart, lovely and could walk upright for one hour after training.' 

A video of Xiaoniu has been uploaded to the internet and has received thousands of hits.
However, some users believe that training a dog to walk on its hind legs is cruel.

Mời quý vị xem video "cô bé" Xiaoniu dạo phố

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